About CorsaSpeed

Dedication to Motorsport Excellence

At CorsaSpeed, our essence is captured in our name: 'Corsa,' denoting our racing spirit, and 'Speed,' symbolizing our dedication to peak performance. We specialize in premium motorsport seats and accessories, designed to excel in the varied landscapes of motorsports—from the precision of sports cars to the challenges of rally and touring.


Uncompromised Safety Standards

Our competition seats are rigorously tested and uphold FIA homologation standards, ensuring every driver has the highest safety assurance on the track.


Adaptability Across Motorsports

With the modern racer at the forefront of our design philosophy, CorsaSpeed seats boast the versatility needed for the diverse world of motorsports. Whether navigating the apexes of circuit racing or tackling the rugged terrain of rally, our products are engineered to excel.


European Craftsmanship

Crafted in Europe, CorsaSpeed seats stand for exceptional quality. Each seat showcases the best of our heritage with performance and durability built for racing's demands.


Embracing Motorsport's Evolution


CorsaSpeed seats are designed for today's dynamic motorsport landscape while paying homage to the sport's storied past. Our brand is driven by a passion for racing history and a dedication to contemporary design and technology.