CorsaSpeed Dakar Offroad Racing Seat

Sale price$995.00

Experience the ultimate offroad adventure with the CorsaSpeed Dakar Seat, engineered specifically for the rugged demands of offroad racing. Based on the design of our GTS seat and made for the most challenging terrains, the Dakar seat merges innovation, safety, and comfort to withstand the rigors of offroad conditions. Crafted in Europe, this seat adheres to the stringent FIA 8855-1999 standard, ensuring top-tier safety and performance even in the harshest environments.

Key Features:

Offroad Optimized: Designed specifically for rally, UTV, and off-road vehicles, the Dakar seat is ready to tackle any terrain.

Durable Materials: Featuring seat cushions made from EPDM, a unique synthetic rubber known for its moisture resistance and ability to withstand various contaminants like oils, ensuring your seat remains in top condition.

Versatile Application: While ideal for offroad adventures, its design also suits various racing disciplines, including sports cars, touring, and rally.

Optimized Sizing: With wider hips and lower thigh bolsters, it offers a relaxed fitment, providing space and comfort for maneuvering through rough trails.

Easy Access: Designed without head restraint wings for quicker and more convenient entry and exit, crucial during fast-paced offroad racing.

FIA Homologation: While tailored for offroad, it complies with FIA 8855-1999 standards, affirming its safety and performance.

Ultimate Comfort: Anatomically crafted with a plush seat cushion and RTM Technology for a seat shell that’s light yet rigid, offering comfort without compromising on durability.

Safety Paramount: Adaptable to advanced head and neck safety systems and ready for 4-, 5-, 6-point belts, it's fully equipped to keep you secure.

Customized Adjustments: Offers both flexible and fixed side mount options for a personalized sitting position.

European Craftsmanship: Upholding stringent European quality control standards, the Dakar seat is a testament to our commitment to excellence in every aspect.

With the CorsaSpeed Dakar Seat, conquer any offroad challenge with confidence, knowing you're supported by a seat that's as tough as the trails you're tackling. Whether you're navigating rocky paths or sandy dunes, the Dakar is your partner in offroad performance.